The Kingsmen: The (Really) Secret Service – Take equal parts of James Bond, MI-6 and Austin Powers – Stir Slowly and Serve Straight Up for Fun!

Marty and I loved “The Kingsmen: The Secret Service.” It was like going to a party that you weren’t sure you were going to like and if you didn’t take the other guests too seriously you really enjoyed the evening. Kingsmen is a delightful blend of Fun – Action – Comedy – Well Choreographed Violence – Humor – Adventure – Clever Dialogue and an Explosive Ending. If my description of the film seems balanced between fun and adventure that’s because it was. There was never a steady diet of one or the other.

While there is a strong ensemble cast the three stars of note are Colin Firth – Samuel L Jackson and Michael Caine. If you are the kind of viewer who really pays attention try and pick out Mark Hamill. Hint – he isn’t carrying a Light Sabre.

The Screenwriter for Kingsmen should be nominated for all the big awards next year. His blend of almost self mocking humor – outstanding fighting sequences that left you feeling charged up – clever and subtle dialogue between Colin Firth and Samuel L Jackson – a believable plot that allows you to develop empathy between the younger actors and a very strong and explosive ending made for an enjoyable evening.

I know it sounds odd to praise the fighting and violence but it was all so well technically produced and choreographed – with the good guys winning – it didn’t have any of the negative emotional feelings that violence can generate.

Marty and I think “The Kingsmen: The Secret Service” is a film you should see on the big screen. If you do – don’t get up out of your seat when the credits roll. We got almost out of the theater and the real ending began. In a James Bond flash back if you like well shaped pears you won’t want to miss it.


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