So where are all the protestors now?

Will someone please explain to President Obama, Eric Holder, The Very Not Right Reverends Sharpton and Jackson, The Moderate to Liberal Media and the African American’s and liberal whites who have filled our streets protesting of recent that when a Black Male with a rap sheet as long as an NBA Forward’s Arm aggressively approaches a Police Officer he is not coming to bring him a Christmas Card.

Whether the Officer be White, Oriental or Hispanic the Black Male is not coming to bring him a piece of home made pie or to thank the officer for working in the Black Male’s high crime neighborhood.

According to statistics from a study done by the Department of Justice from 1980 to 2008 53% of all offenders for violent crime are Black Males. The “offending rate” for Black Males is eight (8) times higher than Whites and the victim rate for Blacks is six times higher than Whites.

Please let that resonate with you. The odds are 8 to 1 that when someone is going to be victimized it is going to be by a Black Male and the odds are 6 to 1 that its going to be a Black on Black crime.

Yet Officers like the ones in Missouri, Chicago and the Oriental and Hispanic officers yesterday in NYC still go into high crime Black areas day and night to protect the poor minority in our nation that apparently doesn’t understand the problem nor are they thankful for the Police Officer’s Service.

Have you ever heard Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Sharpton, Jackson, the athletes that fill or sports teams, Black people who live in these areas and or the Media say: “It’s time for us to cut back on the Police Presence in our Black Neighborhoods!”

Or how about this one: Have you ever heard any of the above crowd suggest that only Black Officers be allowed to serve in these high crime areas? No you haven’t and you never will.

Yet when a questionable or even wrong incident by a Non Black Officer happens what do we see and hear? It’s all the White Man’s Fault.

I am White and I am proud to say that I have hard working and successful Black friends who are not a part of the problem. They are not living in the high crime areas because they take advantage of the opportunities in America to get an education and they work hard for what they have. They are thankful for the protection that our Nation’s Police Officers provide their homes and neighborhoods.

It’s my perception, therefore my reality, that the minority of Black Americans are those doing the crime and standing in the streets being whooped into a frenzy by the likes of our President, our Attorney General and rabble rousing Right Reverends who are always there when there is a camera and a microphone nearby. Mock them as I may we should never underestimate the effect this type of mob mentality will have on those who are prone to violence. If you want an example read the internet remarks of Ismaaiyl Brinsley who killed the two NYC Officers – that he vowed to do this to retaliate for Garner and Brown. These are his words not mine.

Sometimes I wonder if the time will ever come when the majority will rise up and say enough is enough! Then I also believe in Santa Claus and once thought that Obama was going to bring peaceful and constructive change in His Kingdom – make that America.

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