Interstellar – It’s best not seen as a movie but enjoyed as an Experience!

Interstellar is in the genre of “Science Fiction” – that’s as in Science and Fiction. Marty and I believe you will really enjoy this film in the theater if you consider that while it has a scientific perspective it is also fiction – which can stretch our imagination and touch our emotions.

The Producer/Director Christopher Nolan has done another masterful piece of work in creating a film that will be enjoyed by many for decades and is best seen in the theater. Matthew McConaughey is outstanding as Cooper the Farmer/Astronaut and will definitely be nominated for the big awards. Anne Hathaway does a good job but for our money Jessica Chastain carries the female interest as Cooper’s daughter Murphy.

If you buy a ticket and begin watching Interstellar as I do from a critical and OCD perspective you will be taking a bathroom break about 45 minutes in – as I did – in a two hours and forty five minute film. As I was watching it I thought the first part of the movie was slow but when it was over and I took it all in perspective the beginning of this film was necessary to build the plot and the character development and interaction.

Interstellar gives us the hope and aspirations of “2001 A Space Odyssey” and in the second half fills the screen with spectacular space and planetary scenes comparable to Sandy and George in “Gravity” – but with a better and more uplifting ending.

Marty and I both highly recommend you see Interstellar on the Big Screen!

When we got up to walk out Marty was limping. I asked her if she was all right and she said the movie was so riveting that she sat still and did not move or cross her legs for 2:45 and it was difficult to get up and walk. We were both really into it.


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