John Wick – How much Violence is too much? How much Cash is too much?

Marty and I enjoyed John Wick starring Keanu Reeves and almost nobody else we have ever heard of. John Wick is the most violent non military movie we have ever seen. The killing scenes with various weapons were frequent, bloody and most of them point blank. The hand to hand combat scenes were well choreographed and almost always ended in Keanu stabbing, choking or breaking the limbs of his “evil opponent.”

How then can I say that Marty and I enjoyed it? There is a historical part of me that identifies very closely with anger, violence and killing and in 45 years of living with me poor Saint Marty has been corrupted. If you can simply tolerate violence because of the good plot this movie is NOT for you. It is violence for violence sake and the plot could have been scripted by a seven year old boy with anger issues.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that you enjoy well done and realistic killing and violence. Should you pay $20 for tickets and $16 for a large popcorn and a large diet Coke? No – even you should wait for home viewing.


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