Gone Girl – Like Elvis Marty and I are no longer in the building!

If you are a big reader and you read the book then don’t bother with this review. On the other hand if you are like Marty and I and you simply like to see entertaining movies this flick may not be for you and it was definitely not for us. For a moment forget about the gratuitous and graphic sex – after an hour and forty five minutes I was so worked up by the back and forth and to and fro and unsettled semi-conclusions that I experienced a combination of boredom and anxiety that I took a bathroom and walk around break. I came out of the bathroom to see Marty standing in the lobby waiting to go home. Let me help you understand this – not even Saint Marty could take what she described as exasperation with this film.

I can only describe this as a special interest film for a select audience with higher intelligence and far more understanding and patience than Marty and I possess. I seldom send along another site in our reviews of a film but if you want to know more open the site below about the ending from the Washington Post. Since I left with forty five minutes left I was curious how it ended. After reading this and other sites I am so glad that left when we did.



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