“Dracula” – I Wish it was “The Untold Story”

Have you ever had a friend call and say I would really like you to come over so that I could tell you something that has been “untold” until now. On arrival it seems to you that he/she has had at least one afternoon cocktail and at the end of what seems like forever you go home thinking to yourself – man, I wish I had not wasted my time hearing that “Untold Story!”

That’s pretty much our view of Dracula – The Untold Story. Marty and I give it a C and a D for theater viewing and maybe a joint C+ for home viewing when you can take some bathroom breaks to relieve yourself of the far too often slower than slow scenes.

Some of you will never want to see this movie because of the violence and blood. Some of you will never want to see this movie because your personal spiritual concerns about the whole Dracula/undead thing.

Personally I have seen almost every Dracula movie ever made – going back to the 1931 original with Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney in Son of Dracula. Then the excellent portrayals by Christopher Lee beginning in 1958 – Frances Ford Copula’s Dracula with Gary Oldman in 1992 and the excellent Interview with a Vampire with Tom and Brad. Then who could forget Blackula and the ever enjoyable comedy of Mel Brooks and Leslie Nelson in Dead and Loving it and my personal favorite Love at First Bite with George Hamilton. Should I go on? Maybe not!

Here’s the bottom line. Don’t waste your time and money seeing “The Untold Story” in the theater. Maybe if you are a Dracula Buff you rent it at home or maybe even wait for the free showing on cable/DTV.

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