The Equalizer – Excellent – Except? We still give it an A

Denzel (Robert) is The Equalizer in more ways than one. This movie doesn’t get made without him and he does not disappoint. I have always felt it is a far more difficult acting job to play the “good guy” and to carry the mantle through the entire film and leave the viewer empathizing with him and really believing in the character.

An actor I never heard of – Marton Scokas plays Teddy – the really bad guy. He had all the earmarks: Russian, Sharp suits and slicked back hair, Paid Killer, Scars, Tattoos all over his body and right away he chokes a lovely young Russian woman to death – in spite of her telling him the truth. Needless to say when the movie really gets going its all about Robert versus Teddy and his gang of evil henchmen. The plot is not going to be too quick for you to keep up.

Speaking of the movie getting going I almost gave up on the film about 25 minutes in. I’ve seen grass grow faster than the opening of The Equalizer. Also, if I wanted to be critical I might make a comment about Denzel killing five or six bad guys at a time and only once did he bring a gun to the fight. However, Marty and I are Southerners and we always love to see the good guy kill lots of bad guys – no matter how gory or unrealistic it might be. We still hold onto those Southern feelings from the War Between the North and the South – and I assume there is no need for me to tell you who the bad guys were.

All that said if you like Denzel and violence and killing and the good guy winning and winning you will love this movie. You just won’t like the first twenty minutes or so but don’t give up on Denzel – he comes through for you.


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