Barbara Streisand’s Newest Musical Release – Partners – We give it an A

If you are a fan of Barbara Streisand you will love her new release of generally well known songs with equally well known and talented partners. If you download your music from Apple we strongly recommend you buy the entire album for $7.99 rather than paying $1.29 per single. there isn’t a “barker” on the list. Some are more enjoyable than others but they are all good.

Marty likes Barbara better than Shrimp and Grits – which is saying something for a gal from SC. One of the highlights of her life was meeting me – NO – it was taking her Sister Nancy to see Barbara live! It was the best money I’ve spent. Naturally she loves the album.

As for me I would not say I am a fan of Barbara but no one can deny she has one of the best voices in musical history and tremendous range. I enjoy many genres of music and this album is a pleasure to listen to – good driving music. Time may have soured her politics but her voice and song selection is still really good. If you are interested in reading more I have put the album’s website below.


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