November Man: Marty and I liked it and give it a “B-” but we urge you to wait for home viewing.

If you like Pierce Brosnan you will like November Man. We hadn’t seen him in some time and he still looks great and moves like a forty year old! What I wouldn’t give for his head of hair. We have no idea who any of the supporting cast are but they generally did a good job in their roles – especially the female lead – Olga Kurylenko as Alice/???

If you like espionage – action – adventure – surprising plot twists – a few good car chase scenes and several good sniper kills all capped off with a fast paced ending you will like November Man.

Then why didn’t we give this film a better review and why are we telling you it’s not worth the hassle of going to the theater to see? Because it’s not! It’s a good movie and about on par with some of HBO’s good cable TV shows. The November Man starts out fast and furious for about twenty minutes and we were excited about what was yet to come. Then as the writers and cast fleshed out the plot and details the film became laborious and felt like walking a soggy trail where every step was an effort.

The final twenty minutes, however, are great. There is one major plot twist and two character surprises and a good ending. Pierce, the first twenty minutes and the last twenty minutes will make this an “A+” home rental. It will be worth five bucks On Demand or how ever you get your home movies. Then when it slows down in the middle you can hit pause, get a snack, go the bathroom and if you remember I told you the middle was slow also remember not to hit the delete button because the ending is very good.

Larry and Marty

One thought on “November Man: Marty and I liked it and give it a “B-” but we urge you to wait for home viewing.

  1. Silver Fox on twitter

    Enjoyed November Man found the plot similar to an old Ludlum plot with twists and turns. Alway find Bronson interesting whether he is James Bond or Reminton Steele. Enjoyed the movie and popcorn.


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