The Expendables 3 – A mixed vote in our family: Marty A, Larry C

Of the movie goers who choose to see “The Expendables 3” my guess is 50% will be glad they saw it and half of that number or 25% max will really like the film.

Marty gave it an A because she “really liked seeing” the Male Actors she knows: Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Banderas, Gibson and Ford. She wasn’t the least bit put off by the totally unrealistic and often impossible action scenes. She liked the action and the men and one woman doing it and that made her happy so she left smiling and gave it an A.

Personally I too enjoyed seeing the old guys and felt their chemistry and male bonding came across naturally. It was hard to miss the fact that Arnold was the only male actor dressed in loose fitting clothing and most often wearing a jacket. My guess is Maria Shriver is in much better shape and doesn’t miss Arnold much these days. I was particularly impressed with newcomer Ronda Rassey, the reigning and dominant Female Mixed Martial Arts Champion. We are not MMA Fans and I’m sure she was in the make up trailer like all the actors but she not only looked good – her fighting scenes were the best of the lot. The next time she’s on cable in a MMA fight we’ll check it and her out.

What bothered me most about the film was the absolute total and complete ridiculousness of most of the battle scenes and in particular the big shoot out in the end. Ten good guys armed with only pistols and rifles hold off an Army – literally an Army of several hundred men – supported by tanks, helicopters and all manner of heavy firepower and explosives. Throw in the traditional twenty minute dead zone an hour into the film and I sadly have to say that I am in the 25% who are glad they saw The Expendables 3 but I wish I had waited for home viewing.

Unless you are a big fan of the Expendables Series I recommend you wait for home viewing. That way when the movie drags like a rusted out tail pipe in the middle you can hit the fridge or the bathroom.


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