The New Word of the Week: SCROOMED – Screwed and Doomed

While recently reviewing the statistics from various Federal Government Departments it seems that at present approximately forty percent (40%) of the population of the USA is on some form of Welfare Payments and this percentage grows substantially each year.

Taking this sobering reality into account and considering the Economy and our National Leadership, my friend Damon sent me a one word response that expressed his outlook for our future – SCROOMED. As you know from the title this is a reflection of two scenarios. You, as a member of the working class of America – those who contribute to those who don’t – we are Screwed and we may be Doomed. If it wasn’t so damned true it would be funny.

I communicate with a lot of my peers – retired or almost retired folks who feel like things are going to hell – BUT not so fast that life here in America will change dramatically for them in our life time. However, when they really open up they say their greatest fear in life is the death of the American Dream and what that means for their Children, Grand Children and Great Grand Children. What haunts them even more is that our generation is powerless to do much if anything about it. We are SCROOMED and it appears it may be worse for each successive Generation.

When I think think of America I am reminded of the Presidents we have had over the past fifty years or so and how I remember them. For your review they are:

President – – How I remember them

John F Kennedy – – Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country
Gerald Ford – – Perhaps the worst Presidential Golfer of all time
Richard Nixon – – I would not lie to you! We are not in Cambodia (actually I was there at the time)
Jimmy Carter – – Stagflation
Ronald Reagan – – Tear Down That Wall
George HW Bush – – One Thousand Points of Light
Bill Clinton – – Monica
George “W” Bush – – The War on Terror
Barack Obama – – SCROOMED

Well there it is friends. If you disagree – and I hope you do – please let know how I can look on the brighter side of life. For Marty and I our only real hope is the Coming of Messiah!


3 thoughts on “The New Word of the Week: SCROOMED – Screwed and Doomed

  1. Archie Malcom

    I agree….our elected officials need to focus on growing the economy, balance of trade, national defense, and give social engineering a rest.

    Archie Malcom


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