Lucy – A Cognitive Fantacy and a Feast for the Mind: B +

When a Woman controls the action, adventure and violence in a futuristic and evolutionary film it will be called Lucy.

When a human develops their cognitive powers and ability to process and think like no person that ever lived it will be a woman and her name will be Lucy.

If you are creative, adventuresome and the idea of elevating your ability to think and control your environment and those around you excites you then you will really like Lucy.

On the other hand if your World View controls your ability to enjoy an intellectual fantasy then you will not like Lucy.

Uncle Larry gave Lucy a strong B+ and worthy of sitting in a sticky seat where a nine year old sat yesterday and spilled butter from his popcorn to see Lucy on the big screen with the big surround sound. On the other hand Saint Marty gave Lucy a C- because she found it boring as she has no desire to be unrealistic and to delve into a world where one’s cognitive powers can reach levels never before dreamed of.

I thought Scarlett Johansson did a great job and Morgan Freeman was Morgan Freeman and who can complain about that?

Some of you will like Lucy and some of you will not. I suppose that’s why Studebaker with their futuristic and radical design went out of business and Buick survives with comfort and what the majority call style. Raise your hand if you are too young to remember Studebaker!

Uncle Larry

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