Jersey Boys – The Movie. Marty and I give it a luke warm B Minus.

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons had some great songs. However, when I looked at the 672 downloads in my iTunes Library there is nothing there by him/them. I guess you could say we like his hits but we aren’t big fans.

If you’re a fan of the Four Seasons and you have NOT seen the live show on Broadway you will really enjoy this movie and I highly recommend you see it soon. I love Clint but it is so very difficult to take a huge stage hit like Jersey Boys and keep it fresh, personal and feeling live on FILM. It would help if you were a fan and you really cared about their life story.

Marty and I were fortunate enough to see Jersey Boys when we were in London for our 35th Anniversary. I can still remember now how pumped up we were at the close of the show. Speaking of the “close” – that is the very best part of the movie. Please don’t jump up and run out until the screen goes black. While they run the credits they bring all the cast together for a big song and dance number that reminds us so much of the stage show.

There really isn’t a lot more to be said. With the constant going back and forth between “the story” and the “singing” the film doesn’t present the Actors the opportunity to get deep into their character.

One thing is for certain – at 2 hours and 14 minutes if you aren’t a Four Season fan you can definitely wait for home viewing. As it was I took a bath room and walk outside break about two thirds of the way through the film. If I would have had a Margarita before the film I probably would have stayed in my seat and got a short nap.


4 thoughts on “Jersey Boys – The Movie. Marty and I give it a luke warm B Minus.

  1. Ann Standley

    Thanks for that. I was wanting to see that and it is good to know what to expect. I appreciate it! Hope you and precious Marty are doing well. Ann

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