Maleficent – a wonderful film for children, families, romantics and those who still believe in true love!

Marty and I enjoyed Maleficent. There was about thirty minutes in the middle of the film when I thought I was not going to like it but the very strong and surprise ending saved the day. We highly recommend Maleficent for children, families, romantics, anyone who enjoys fairy tales and those who still believe in true love. Cynics should forget this film ever existed because there is “make believe” in almost every scene and detail.

Maleficent is Angelina Jolie! This movie must have been made for her. I can’t imagine anyone else in the role nor can I say that any of the supporting actors added much to the film. Her make up and hair/head-dress artists will definitely be nominated for awards. Angelina’s face showed all her natural beauty combined with flawless skin and just enough evil to understand why she married Billie Bob Thornton. Once during the 97 minutes I thought Billy Bob would have been better cast as the King instead of the bumbling block who lifelessly played the role.

The visual effects/make believe and audio specialists should also be nominated. In fact all I can really remember from the film is Angelina, her “wings”, the three Fairies, the Dragon, the ending and how believable the wonderland was that they created where Maleficent was born.

Maleficent is the first “PG” movie I can remember seeing in years. There is absolutely nothing sexual – except the Angelina “look” – zero bad language and the violence is about 10% of that which we see in the eight o’clock TV time slot.

Try it – I’m sure Mikey would like it if he had a chance to see it.


5 thoughts on “Maleficent – a wonderful film for children, families, romantics and those who still believe in true love!

  1. Curt

    As an occasional cynic (but not as grumpy as Uncle Larry), I thought I was going to be bored by his review about halfway through. Then I read the line praising Angelina Jolie—UL has a clear crush—which said that her character portrayed ‘just enough evil to understand why she married Billie Bob Thornton.’ I laughed out loud, spitting out my Diet Coke. UL: please review more PG movies and don’t stop believing in fairy tales!

  2. Curt – Even after prostate cancer my memory and eyes still work. If a guy doesn’t get Angelina he is either lying or dressing in the wrong locker room.

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