Godzilla – How can $100 Million in Ticket Sales Be So Wrong?

Godzilla – don’t do it! Don’t see it in the theater – don’t pay $5.99 for HD home rental – maybe you wait for free cable but don’t mark your calendar.

Marty and I had high expectations for Godzilla because it’s sold $100 Million in tickets since its opening. How can that many people be wrong? Or maybe they were curious like us and feel equally burned.

My primary complaint is SLOW and SLOWER! This flick moved slower that Godzilla dragged his tail through the streets of San Francisco.

My second complaint is Stupid!

My third complaint is lack of creativity and design. The two nuclear fed “evil” creatures Godzilla finally destroys look like a really bad Transformer with a head like the hood ornament of an Olds 88 or maybe one of the Jersey Boys with a flat top but no hair – just a flat head. Really totally lacking in creativity.

On the plus side we arrived at the theater just in time for freshly popped popcorn so all was not lost.


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