Captain America grows up and Marty gives him an A+ and The Movie an A

The recent cycle of the Marvel Comic characters produced on the big screen; “Captain America – Winter Soldier” is entertaining. Marty gives Chris Evans an A+ for “working out” – code for she was caught staring at his male figure. Larry gives him a B+ for his acting and the Producers and writers an A for being willing to allow the ultimate good guy to question authority.

Larry gives Scarlett Johannson an A+ as a “red head” and a B+ for her acting. Marty didn’t notice Scarlett as she was sharing her visual field between Captain America (CA) and Robert Redford – who still has a great head of hair and charisma – though his face could use a little help with the wrinkles.

Samuel Jackson plays – you guessed it – Samuel Jackson. I swear there are writers everywhere putting out scripts that only Samuel Jackson can play. Who – you ask yourself will play Samuel Jackson when he dies?

Rotten Tomatoes gives this version of CA an 89 – which is the highest of any flick out there. I would give it an A for action, adventure, suspense, romance, special effects and killing without blood letting. However, while working out some of the story lines in the final third of the film it moved at a “deliberate” pace. I won’t say it was slow but towards the end before the big shoot out with all the good guys winning I did check my iPhone.

Given the underlying themes of Big Government Bad and CA questioning authority and thinking for himself + the excellent computer generated special effects + the overall feel good when you leave the theater feeling + Scarlett Johannson as a Red Head both Larry and Marty recommend you see what we think is the best Captain America portrayal on the big screen.

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