Noah The Movie – Not the Bible Version – B Minus

Marty and I like to be entertained. We enjoy reading the newspaper, watching TV and going to the occasional movie. You can imagine how stressful life is for Marty living with me. The last thing we need is to get involved with a “Hollywood Movie” versus the Biblical account of Noah. We both agree that Noah – The Movie is a B- as a Hollywood big budget movie. If I were rating it as a Biblical representation it would be much lower. If you want to add to the controversy ask your Muslim friends – like I have any – how they feel about the movie v Sura 71 in the Quran.

On the positive side, if this is one of those films you are going to see eventually you must go to your local theater, overpay for popcorn and a Coke and see the modern, computer generated construction of the Ark, the local hooligans, Hollywood’s version of fallen angels and the flood on the Big Screen. I will be absolutely shocked if Russell Crowe and Emma Watson are not nominated for Oscars. I’d give Ray Winston, as the bad guy Tubal Cain and Jennifer Connelly as Noah’s wife an outside shot as well. Overall the cast did a great job.

Noah opened strong and was very entertaining and kept a good pace for about an hour and a half- at which point I am thinking this is an A+ flick. At the 90 minute mark it was like somebody hit the brakes – the Hollywood folks decided that Noah and the importance of his decisions became the focal point and I began to get out my iPhone and check the time. The film picked up a little in the last twenty minutes as they wrapped all the fabricated pieces together but it wasn’t enough to save the overall product.

Then how could we give it a B-? I have to give Hollywood credit for attempting to present a Biblical story. The personal interaction between Noah, his wife and the orphan they rescued and adopted (Emma Watson) was excellent acting all on all three parts. Finally, we both felt the computer generated re-creation of the ark, the fallen angels, the battle scenes and the conclusion were excellent.

We stayed to the end of the credits to see Noah was filmed in Iceland – who knew it is green in Iceland?

If you are a movie regular this is a “must see” film. If you don’t care then wait for home viewing. If you are a Fundamental Bible Believing Christian looking for a film version of Genesis six to nine then stay home, read the paper and watch TV and avoid getting agitated with all the fictitious additions, characters and sub plots that Hollywood adds to the story of Noah and The Flood.

Larry and Marty

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