300: Rise of the Empire – Don’t See It – Please!

“300: Rise of the Empire” is as worthy a successor to the excellent 2004 Film “300” as Uncle Larry is a strong second place finisher to George Clooney on American Bachelor – if such a reality show exists.

When I think about disappointing films that I can compare to “300: Fall of the – no make that Rise of the Empire” great classics like Battlefield Earth, Showgirls, anything by Woody Allen and of course what list would be complete without Ishtar? Did Dustin’s career ever bounce back or was that a dead cat bounce?

I have seen blood – live and in movies. I have seen battle scenes – live and computer generated. Never have I seen as much blood and gore and totally fake battle scenes as “300 – Fall of the – so sorry – make that Rise of the Empire.” Somewhere in the first rushes the Producer looked at this Turkey and said the only thing that can save this movie is gory, gory blood-letting and frequent beheading – supported by a supposed sex scene between the evil female villan and the good guy male – each trying to dominate the other. I have seen animals copulate that were more stimulating.

Do not go to see this movie. Not even fresh, hot popcorn with cheddar cheese salt and butter can save this one. Do not pay $4.99 to watch it “On Demand” and turn your TV to anything on HBO when this barker plays on Starz because no other cable channel will run it.

What more can I tell you?

Marty and I give “300 – Fall of this Director’s Empire” a low D.

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