The Son of God – Opens in Theaters 2/28

I purposely placed my note to you below the link in hopes that you will watch this seven minute video in which Sean Hannity interviews Roma Downey, Actress and Co-Producer with her husband Mark Burnett, of the movie SON OF GOD which premiers on 2/28 – distributed nationally by Fox.

Roma and Mark are the Christian couple that produced the TV series “THE BIBLE.” I encourage you to watch the interview to capture their hearts and motivation for expanding the portion of the series that focused on Jesus, The Son of God.

Personally, I was really taken with Roma Downey. As a guy the first thing I noticed is what a beautiful woman she is. Then as I listened to her share her passion about Jesus it became clear she is a very mature Christian Believer with a heart burdened for spiritual things. You’ll notice her Irish accent and you may remember her from her role as the Angel Monica on TV’s “Touched by an Angel.” She also played the role of Jackie Kennedy in the NBC production “A Woman Named Jackie.” She also has earned Masters in Spiritual Psychology and along with her husband Mark they share their goal to do everything they can to emphasize the Name of Jesus and how much God must have loved us to send Him to us.

It’s a worthwhile clip and I can’t wait to see the movie on 2/28. It will open on 3,000 screens – which is a lot – but will not open in every theatre.

Please watch the clip and towards the end hear how Roma addressed the issue of the character who played satan – who could be Obama he looked so similar – and her decision to “put satan on the cutting room floor” to make Jesus the emphasis of the film.

3 thoughts on “The Son of God – Opens in Theaters 2/28

  1. Well, you don’t have to wait. This fake movie is a cut-down edit from the TV miniseries The Bible, already available on DVD. They are dishonestly pretending it’s some kind of new production.


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