RoboCop – A Lot Better Than We Thought It Would “B”

RoboCop won’t win any awards or be taken as a serious film but it was a darn site better than we thought it was going to be. We went in thinking it was going to be a Dud and came out giving it a B for entertainment value, action and good pacing.

In the beginning there was Aaanoldd and we just assumed that a fusion of men and machines always were and it was up to Mr. S to save the world from androids. RoboCop – a remake of a movie by the same name in the nineties re-tells a mythical story of how a corrupt and greedy Corporate CEO invented the concept of putting a man into a machine to make $50 Billion for his company – even if it meant killing off his own invention to protect the bottom line.

There’s no real surprises here. John Kinnaman played the “Good Guy” Detective who was killed by a bad guy smuggler and arms dealer. He was OK – but when it’s the machine part of him you are watching his performance wasn’t critical to the film.

We felt the best Actor in this film was Gary Oldman – the not so mad Scientist who actually created RoboCop and under pressure from his CEO tweaked his creation for the corporate good – only to turn out to the be good guy in the end.

Will you miss anything if you wait for home viewing? Absolutely not! If you are bored, it’s cool out and your back hurts will you be entertained for one hour and forty-eight minutes – probably – but I’m not guaranteeing it.

Uncle Larry

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