Bricktops Restaurant – The next place you need to try if you live in Nashville, Atlanta, St Louis, Charlotte, Naples, Coral Gables and now Palm Beach

Marty and I enjoyed our second visit to Bricktops of Palm Beach last night with our Island Friend Ali. Wouldn’t you know that it takes a Gentleman from the South – Nashville – to open the latest hot spot on The Island that is an excellent combination of location, ambience, food quality and creativity, good wines, great service and excellent value. With all this going for it Bricktops (BT) is a place we highly recommend you call for a reservation and give it a try. You could also try just popping in to eat in the bar area with traditional stools and booths and or the outside terrace – where four legged friends are welcome.

For our friends who are not blessed to live in sunny Palm Beach County they also have locations in Nashville, Franklin, Atlanta, St. Louis, Charlotte, Naples and Coral Gables.

Our friend Patty Baird is a server there now and she guided us to all excellent selections. We were not disappointed with a single item on either visit and were really pleased with four or five that I’ll point out to you. To see the entire menu just click on the link below.

Since you may start with wine let me get right to it – The Mer Soleil Silver – served by the glass at $15 or the full “ceramic” bottle for $44 was a new wine for us and we loved it. It’s from the Monterey area where it’s a little cooler and the grapes offer what I can best describe as a French tasting Chardonnay this is tighter – yet bursting with fresh fruit and none of that artificial oak flavor. The ceramic bottle was not only unique – it poured four full glasses and for only $44 on Palm Beach. That my friends is great value.

For Appetizers we are crazy about the “Deviled Eggs and Sugar Bacon.” This jewel of taste and creativity definitely comes from the heart of the south but can be enjoyed by even the most sophisticated palate. Uncle Larry doesn’t do spice but I did try a light sprinkle of the BT Sauce they offer on the side and it kicked up the flavor of the egg but didn’t burn my tongue. The Sugar Bacon is too good to describe but I’ll try. It’s four generously sized pieces of thickly sliced bacon – cooked crisply in what taste to me like a rich syrup covering – just waiting for you to break it up and use it like a cracker for your deviled egg. Outstanding flavor sensations and for only $11. Considering it is more than enough for two and can be shared by four – for $11 – VALUE.

BT offers two flat breads. I could become a vegetarian if all the food was as good as BT’s Goat Cheese and Vegetables Very Thin Flat Bread. Rich and filled with a myriad of flavor sensations for $14 – and it is plenty for four to share – another great food taste treat and value.

Last night we ordered these two items to share for three and honestly were almost full. However, Patty urged us on to what will be an Island Favorite – the BT Prime Meatloaf. It’s a unique presentation for meatloaf and the prime meat, tomatoes and other secret ingredients are excellent – priced at $26.

Finally, we very much enjoyed the Parmesan Crusted Chicken with lemon butter and capers. It reminded me of Chicken Parma without all the sauce so the crust was deliciously crisp and the chicken tender – also priced at $26.

While the three of us loved these items when you open the menu at the link below you will see BT offers:
– a wide selection of salads
– three sandwiches
– five steaks
– three main course chicken plates
– ribs
– and a smattering of specials of the day.

With all the food we enjoyed we didn’t leave room for dessert but look forward to our soon return when we will show discipline and save room for their home made desserts.

Bricktops! What more can I say? Great food, wine, service, ambience, valet parking and excellent value. This is one of eight BTs around the south east. BT of Palm Beach number is 561-855-2030.

Try it – I think you’ll like it – Uncle Larry and Saint Marty sure do!

3 thoughts on “Bricktops Restaurant – The next place you need to try if you live in Nashville, Atlanta, St Louis, Charlotte, Naples, Coral Gables and now Palm Beach

  1. Bill Murphy

    Larry How is it going I checked the menu Cheese burger $16 bucks!! Seems like a short menu there must be daily specials


  2. Frances Morton

    I had lunch there last week and besides what you said I liked the fact that it is one of the few places that has valet parking at lunch. It takes us Tennesseans to know how to do things right ! ! !


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