Noah’s Ark: Did it exist – If so where did it settle?

With the movie “Noah” – starring Russell Crowe coming out soon – I suppose its inevitable that some of the older research and site explorations for where the Ark actually settled will once again see the light of day or rather the exposure of Al Gore’s Internet.

Before I digress too far let me tell you something you probably already know about me. I believe the Bible is the Holy Word of God. I believe that Noah existed and that while he wasn’t perfect God used him to resettle His creation from what a sinful society had made of the world into a fresh start. I don’t need to know why or necessarily all the details of how – because “His ways are greater than my ways and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts.”

Nonetheless, like you as a believer in the “One, True and Living G-d” I am curious about where Noah’s Ark finally settled. If you share my curiosity you may want to open the site below.

While I can’t give you her personal name Marty and I have a very, very dear friend whose husband spent a lot of money and time trying to find the location for where Noah’s Ark came to rest. He traveled to Turkey, the present Nation where most scholars believe the Biblical Mount Ararat exists. She told me today that of all the sites her husband and other have found she believes the site referenced in the blog below is the “one I would put my money on.”

If this topic interests you I encourage you to open this link and read it carefully – but only when you have the time to capture all the images. For example one thing I have never thought of is the use of “stone anchors” hung from the Ark to help stabilize it in the very rough seas of the flood. The expedition found just such stones at this site.

I hope you enjoy reading this site as much as Marty and I did and rest assured that as soon as the movie comes out we will see it and give you one of our Uncle Larry and Saint Marty reviews complete with thumbs up or down.


PS – For those of you looking for the answer to how God is going to cleanse the earth that we have made a mess of keep looking up for the return of Messiah.

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