Lone Survivor – War Is Not A Video Game

If I were in charge of the world President Obama – All Senators and Congressmen – All members of the Administration – All Career Diplomats – All Civilian DOD Staff AND ALL THEIR WIVES AND CHILDREN – yes their children over fifteen – would be REQUIRED to view Lone Survivor.

War is not a video game. War is filled with things that go wrong – tactical support that is not there when it needs to be – soldier’s equipment that fails them and even sometimes our best and brightest make less than the wisest decisions out of the best intentions.

No matter how talented, skilled, determined and well trained our combat specialists are sometimes the enemy out-numbers the good guys and soldiers die. When they die it isn’t pleasant – its in fast forward and it hurts like hell. When bullets penetrate bodies and skulls there is blood spatter and good men die along with the not so good.

If you are a Patriot and are emotionally prepared for the HORROR of War then you absolutely must see Lone Survivor. If you aren’t sure that you are prepared for what I believe is a realistic portrayal of about one hour’s extreme combat – buy a ticket knowing you always have the option to leave the theatre – leaving someone behind.

Regarding the movie as a film the first thirty minutes were dutifully filled with training and background information that to some could be a little slow at times. However, once the action started and you could stay in your seat it was non stop paralyzingly addictive.

I would say 5% of the people at our showing left the theater when it got real. As a credit to the Americans who were in the theater – who stayed until the ending – absolutely no one left at the close of the film. You could hear a kernel of popcorn fall on the carpeted floor. Everyone sat still and watched the second ending – featuring a tribute and pictures of the actual men who died in this OP in Afghanistan – and then there was a spontaneous round of applause.

Personally I was revved up during the film. The very beginning of the second phase of the movie – which is the first action sequence reminded me of the two days I was inserted in Cambodia with a sniper and we were spotted by a North Vietnamese Platoon. We were out numbed fifteen to one and only managed to survive by the Grace of God and by running up hill a long way into a tree line some three hundred feet above our enemy.

I thought I was good during the film and even afterwards for a while. I called Tony to give him my review and I just lost it on the phone.

War, as Sherman said “is Hell” and it damn sure ain’t no video game.


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