“Last Vegas” – Laugh out Loud Funny and Emotionally Real – “A” by both Marty and Larry

Last Vegas – it isn’t rocket science – it’s a hilarious and touching commentary on the process of Men Growing Old. Yes, like women, men have issues about growing old. Sure, it’s simple, sometimes stupid and salacious but for Seniors and Young Adults who are mature enough to envision what life is going to be for older men – especially for those who never married and widowers – it’s not only funny beyond words but Last Vegas is  a glimpse into what “may be to come” for older men and is the Best Buddy Movie Marty and I have even seen.

Is it type casting? Absolutely! What’s wrong with that? Michael Douglas plays the smooth, aging senior who gets all the women but is very insecure about aging and living without love. Robert DiNiro is sullen and insightful – what else is new? Morgan Freeman flushes out his life long character with humor and great dance moves. Watching him interact with people and slow dancing made me think of myself as the White Morgan Freeman. Kevin Kline is clever, cynical and sentimental as only he can be. Mary Steenburgen delivers as the mature, yet appealing woman who any guy my age is attracted to – for both her looks and insights.

Here’s the real test – Marty and I laughed out loud continuously and could not believe the movie went so quick. I never once thought about the time or a bathroom break. When it was over the Senior ladies sitting next to us were waiting for the crowd to clear and I apologized as we squeezed down the aisle past them. They both said no please don’t apologize because we enjoyed seeing you and your wife enjoy the movie so much.

Last Vegas probably won’t win any awards but it is simply throw back, good old fashioned comedy – with a little sexuality thrown in to make it real and interesting.

Marty and I both really liked Last Vegas and recommend it to you strongly. Will you miss anything if you wait for Home Viewing? Nothing besides the opportunity to have a good time tonight.


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