Gravity – Sandy Bullock and George Clooney and Outer Space – Need I say more? “A-” by Larry and Marty

By way of full disclosure Marty and I are huge fans of Sandy Bullock from the days when they filmed a portion of her movie “While You Were Sleeping” in our condo in Lake Point Tower in Chicago. It would be tough for me to give a movie by Sandy a bad review.

Take America’s Sweetheart and throw in Mr. Hunk, every woman’s dream lover and what more do you need? Outer Space, technology, realism beyond belief, drama, suspense on top of suspense and people will be talking Oscar for Sandy and a new standard for cinema.

As Marty and I talked after the movie we could not say that we “enjoyed” Gravity – we “experienced” Gravity.

If I had a personal criticism of Gravity it is the endless drama and suspense. It simply wore us out. At its core it’s a classic tale of finding yourself in the pressure of life’s toughest moments and the will it takes to survive. This core comes wrapped in a film masterpiece that will bring comparisons to 2001 Space Oddesy. However, “2001” did not have the advantage of the “computerized” movie and video game world we live in today.

The scenes of the Shuttle, The Space Station, living in a Gravity – “less” environment seemed so real I could picture myself there. Speaking of “picture” – Sandy spent some time in the gym getting buff for this film – to portray the physical strength necessary to be an Astronaut – while looking really good for the scenes when she takes off her space suit to reveal her genuinely nice figure in shorts and a tee shirt.

Gravity is a film that needs to be seen on the big screen – especially if you like Sandy, George and the film realism that only computers, sound engineers and the big screen can deliver.

Our recommendation is for you to “experience” Gravity even if you walk away wound as tight as a top.

Larry and Marty

2 thoughts on “Gravity – Sandy Bullock and George Clooney and Outer Space – Need I say more? “A-” by Larry and Marty

  1. Rick Benfield

    I “experience” gravity every day.

    Off topic: Gravity remains as the most unknowable aspects in the study of Physics.


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