Three Super Powers – Are New Teams Forming?

Today’s rambling from the mind of Uncle Larry involves the three most powerful geo political leaders in the world today.  Who are the they? Quite naturally they are the heads of the three most powerful, organized and greatest military powers in the World. They are:

Xi Jinping – President of The People’s Republic of China, Chairman of the Central Military Commission and Member of the NPC.

Vladimir Putin – President of Russia, Former President and Prime Minister of Russia and Lt. Colonel in the KGB

Barack Hussein Obama II. Former community organizer, Chicago Politician, convert to Christianity, one Term US Senator and Second Term US President

Xi Jinping was educated as a scientist, received advanced degrees in the theories of Marxism and served as a loyal member of China’s real seat of power – The National Peoples Congress (NPC) – who incidentally Nominates the one and only candidate for the Presidency of the People’s Republic of China. That’s sort of like going to the polls and having a choice of Obama or Polisi, but only Obama’s name is on the ticket.

Vladimir Putin is one tough SOB who cut his teeth in the KGB, rising to the rank of Lt. Colonel. When he was “term limited” he hand-picked his successor who named Putin Premier and for the first time in Russia was re-elected as President five years later. Putin is a strong man in more than one way and rules Russia like a Dictator.

Barack Hussein Obama II is – well I think you know what he is.

Today we find ourselves in the situation where our former Community Organizer and shallow thinker has drawn a “Red Line” in the Middle Eastern sands and proposes to draw us into a war in Syria.

In the other corners we have a tough-minded, experienced leader of Russia, who is a long-term ally of Syria. Joining him is a fellow Communist and equally tough-minded pragmatist with whom President Obama has most likely not consulted on the Syria issue or any other for that matter.

Other than the “Red Line” of chemical warfare what is Obama’s interest and motivation for toppling the current Dictator in Syria. Let’s take a moment and see how well it has worked out for The USA and our toppling of Dictators in Iraq and Egypt. Neither of these nations have Free Democracies. Yet when we played our part in having their Dictators over thrown what did we get? A caucus in Iowa or Bagdad? A reasonable group of popularly elected assemblymen in Egypt?

No – what we got in both cases is CHAOS and nations that will soon be run by the majority in those countries – Muslims.

It may be that the two leaders in the other corners – Putin and Jinping – will come to the same age-old conclusion that many leaders before them have reached. The enemy of our enemy is our friend!

Unlike our liberal media and benefits/hand out pandering Democratic voters Putin and Jinping may see what I see. Barack Hussein Obama II is a weak leader, a closet Muslim and at a minimum wants to give an equal opportunity to the Muslim majorities in the Nations of the Middle East – that just happen to surround Israel – to vote themselves into power. The minority Christians in these nations can testify to how well that’s working out for them.

Putin and Jinping occupy real seats of power – leading two nations where the people get to choose what? Their next Dictator? They also control their Military Machines. These two may collude and decide that opening the door to Democratically elected Muslim fanatics – such as the Muslim Brotherhood – is CLEARLY NOT IN THEIR BEST INTEREST.

Let’s see on the one hand I can be the real source of power and authority or I can be a lap dog to the Ayatollah administering Sharia Law? In their halls of power which one would you choose?

What do they have to do near term? Nothing, nothing at all. They can just sit back and let the American Diplomatic Master Mind get involved in a third front in the Middle East. Then when we are even more heavily committed to this region that we are today – over extended financially and militarily – spread too thin – then it will be the time from them to unite and oppose The USA is ways that we never dreamed of or thought possible. They may see a joint spanking of Obama and our Congress – through our innocent young men and women in our Military – as a well deserved way to put them and us in our place.

What is the long game in that story? It will have to wait for another day.


4 thoughts on “Three Super Powers – Are New Teams Forming?

  1. Dolores

    Wow! it has been a week since you wrote this and look where we are now, it is unbeleivable to watch. Putin can write an op ed in the New York Times telling us what a horrible Country we are. Obama promised us 5 years ago that he was going to transform this country as we know it and look where we are now. He has shamed us and is bringing us down to our knees. (We should be praying while we are down on or knees). So many in this country are being led like sheep to slaughter, they don’t have a clue. I have to remind myself many times a day GOD IS IN CHARGE!

    1. Dolores, Yes if we did not Believe that God sits in His Heavens and looks down at earth as his foot stool and laughs at the mockery of men we would surely be without hope.

      My highest hope is that this hastens the return of Messiah. Come Lord Jesus and come quickly.



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