Why am I always the last to know?

Like you perhaps, I have mixed emotions about all the FBI, NSA and of course Maxwell Smart and his gang at “CONTROL” – the bad guys at “KAOS” and no telling which other secret alphabet Federal Agency is monitoring our lives and communication.

I have read in the papers about how they are reading e mails and going over documents in our computers. It’s not really a concern of mine but I was wondering how they manage to get the data.

Then yesterday I got the special Apple Alert that it’s time for “My Time Capsule” to do a “major back up to the iCloud” – store all my current items and delete my old file. Like a sheep led to slaughter I hit the OK button and it started the three-hour back up of just over seven hundred and fifty thousand items – yes that’s just over 750,000 items.

I don’t really know what defines an item but what ever it is I have 750,000 of them and now they are all “in the iCloud.” In addition to this infrequent major back up – my “Time Capsule” comes on-screen a couple of times a day and “saves” my current data – keeping an up to date record of everything Uncle Larry does on the internet – including every thing I have sent to you and every thing you have sent to me. Now don’t you feel bad that all those names you called our President and his henchmen from Chicago – not really.

Now I get it. All the FBI, NSA, CIA or a high-end hacker has to do is open my “file in the iCloud” and it’s all there for the taking, reading and passing along – and no warrant or due process necessary.

As you know Apple isn’t alone in this new storage technology – in fact I believe Microsoft lead the way to “the Cloud.” I read recently that Google, EMC and other providers also have their own Cloud.

It just dawned on me that “the cloud” – which was presented and advertised with so much fanfare as the latest, greatest, most advanced and convenient storage system for backing up our data was possibly the creation of some master computer spy wizard and foisted off on us unsuspecting users as being for our convenience.

Who knows – perhaps this is all a part of the Master Plan put in place by the inventor of the Internet – Al Gore.

Why am I always the last one to know?


PS If you know any Top Secret Military or National Security secrets please keep them to yourself.

3 thoughts on “Why am I always the last to know?

  1. Dolores Wehn

    Well, I fought backing up our File server at the office to “the cloud”. Call me old fashion but I hated 20 years of all our Comapny information being “in the cloud” and available to whom ever wants to hack in OR the people that own the computers in “the Cloud”. Who are they? How do we know we can trust them? etc etc. Had to put in a new file server this spring and had to upload and backup all our info to “the cloud” before installing new one. Oh well, they eventually get you! I am sure it will be like our medical records – available to the Federal Government and our trustworthy Federal Government employees.

    1. Yes, I feel you on those “trusted government employees” who have our medical records. I’m convinced that’s how my identify was stolen. They had too much info for someone who didn’t even have one of my credit cards.


  2. Harold Stones ( hstones@cox.net )

    Larry——–I have finally tracked you down. IMPORTANT—-I’m running low on Kansas Atlas’s. Please come speak and ship me a few thousand. OK? : > )


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