A “Wolverine” Too Far

Unless you are either a Wolverine or a Hugh Jackman fan save your time and money and wait for home viewing. Marty gave this latest iteration of Wolverine a C and I gave it a C+.

Let’s talk about the good news. Hugh has his body in top shape and is cut like a rock. Marty enjoyed checking him out and commented that if I had a body like that I could have gotten a date for Senior Prom in High School.

The bad news is that Hugh has to carry this expensive but poorly cast film on his broad and handsome shoulders. The romantic interest is a young Japanese girl. Have you ever met a Japanese girl who was hot? She was cute but thin in all the areas where American men are not keen on thin. Picture a stick figure with an OK cute face that looks good relative to every one else you can choose from and you have it.

Sadly, the ending relied on computer animation and a huge indestructible robot that turned out not to be.

I took one bathroom break and walked around a bit and when I came back I hadn’t missed a thing. Here’s hoping Hugh got a Big, Big check for this mediocre flick.


One thought on “A “Wolverine” Too Far

  1. Laura Davis

    Thanks for the review, Larry. I will strike it off my “to see” list and wait until it comes out on DVD


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