Red 2 – For Too Much Fun

If you are 40 or older – and like action, adventure, well timed comedic lines and an all around good time – you will enjoy Red 2.

Did your mother ever tell you to be yourself and people will like you? OK, maybe not the good looking one you had a crush on but most everyone else. The script was written with the underlying idea of letting Bruce, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Mary Louise Parker, Catherine Zeta Jones, the Bruce Lee “wanna-be” and Anthony Hopkins just be themselves. It’s like someone had them all to dinner at their home and you scored an invitation.

This is a Bruce Willis movie that’s not about Bruce Willis. Sure he’s in most of the scenes but he’s not stealing them. Each of the supporting actors fully carry their weight and have a strong screen presence – each one indispensable to the total effort and especially the comedic lines. When it comes out on video I’ll rent it to hear the lines I missed with the laughter in the theater.

Two words of caution. If you are not into seeing the “bad guys” shot, stabbed and whacked over the head you should stay home because all the bad guys get killed off. Second, as in most movies the “set up” time to the ending dragged for about fifteen minutes. However, when the ending came it was fast paced and very clever. As they said in the movie “I’ll bet you didn’t see that one coming.”

Marty and I are both over forty as was 99% of the people in the theater and they sure seemed to be having a good time.

Red 2 – Try it, You’ll like it!


5 thoughts on “Red 2 – For Too Much Fun

  1. Pam Aylor

    It was soo much fun, went with a friend and we laughed out loud a ton. It was truly a good, fun movie. Set up nicely for Red 3 to begin!


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