“Now You See Me” – We are glad we saw it!

A good friend from my old firm in Chicago moved to AZ and we stay in touch via Al Gore’s second greatest invention – the Internet. Everyone knows Fat Al’s best invention is the energy-saving light bulb with the curly que base. Ah, but what mind I have left gets off topic. Shari Ann e-mailed to tell me she and her saw “Now You See Me” and really enjoyed it. She said it was fast paced, well written, had a good ending and was very entertaining without one use of the “F” bomb or other cursing.

I said to Marty this we have to see. An entertaining suspense flick without cursing! How can this be in 2013?

Shari Ann was right. Now You See Me was a trip into the land of high-tech Magic and we really enjoyed it. The cast was excellent and their on-screen chemistry working as a team – The Four Horsemen – intriguing. I didn’t check my iPhone once to see what time it was and I “darn sure” didn’t see the ending coming. Will you miss much if you wait for home delivery? Probably not – but if you would like to see a flick that is interesting for adults and kids over ten or twelve it’s better than sitting in the sun at a baseball game.


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