The Heat starring Sandy Bullock and Melissa McCarthy – Too Funny for Words – Many of them Bad

Marty and I love Sandy Bullock. She was just a doll when she filmed a portion of her movie “While You Were Sleeping” in our condo in Chicago. She was cute, funny and had such a positive spirit.

Tonight we went to see Sandy and Melissa McCarthy in “The Heat.” There are two things I can say:

1. It was the funniest movie I have seen in years. The people in the theater were laughing out loud so often I missed some of the dialogue. It may be the funniest film I have seen since “Good Morning Vietnam” with Robin Williams.

2. If you are particularly sensitive about curse words in general and the “F bomb” in particular this movie is not for you. I have to say that taken in context and in the humor Melissa McCarthy brought to “The Heat” the language was foul but funny.

While we really had a good time it’s not the kind of film that will lose anything on the smaller screen.

Uncle Larry

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