Superman – Man of Steel – Heart of Gold – A Must See on the Big Screen

On our recent trip to GA and SC Marty and I took my 92 year old Dad and his 86 year young “Girl Friend” to see Superman – Man of Steel. It had been seven years since my Dad last went to a movie. His review is simple: “That was loud and a lot of action and it may be seven years before I go to a movie again.” He did, however, enjoy the popcorn.

Uncle Larry and Saint Marty ABSOLUTELY LOVED this version of Superman and in fact we can say with certainty for us it is the best Superman movie of all times.

Superman has always been some ethereal combination of “the future” and the human condition. Finally a classic movie storyline truly embraces and benefits from technology. Everyone my age remembers watching George Reeves jumping out the window – flying into another adventure. Later on, the movie version featuring Marlon Brando as Clark Kent’s real father gave us Superman’s origins but sorely lacked the technology to make it believable.

Superman 2013 Man of Steel embraces technology without abusing it and becoming just another video game in the theater. Am I saying Russell Crowe is a better actor than Marlon Brando? Of course not, but with today’s computerized technology the scenes of Superman’s past and it’s return to haunt him seem not only real but gives us the feeling we are in “the future.”

In addition to a splendid use of technology we thought the casting was excellent and the actors chosen played their roles “believably” without intruding on the film. Typically I am not a fan of “the flashback” but the Director did a great job of seamlessly stepping back in time to give us the background he wanted us to have to interpret the scene at hand.

As a Christian the many points of symbolism in this version of Superman were not lost on me.

Superman 2013 – Man of Steel is a film you will not want to miss on the big screen.

Uncle Larry, Saint Marty and my 92 Year old Dad Olin

3 thoughts on “Superman – Man of Steel – Heart of Gold – A Must See on the Big Screen

  1. Charlotte

    Now Uncle Larry I thought Superman was just okay. I did not feel the chemistry of this Clark Kent & Lois Lane. So I missed the love story part. Now this Lois was empowered and could take care of herself! But I still misc where he was HER hero. There was lots of action for sure! I watched it in 3d at the new imax in Delray!


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