Star Trek Into Darkness – Make that “Trekies” Into Entertainment

Saint Marty and Uncle Larry both give Star Trek Into Darkness a big thumbs up. Saint Marty says “not once was I bored.” OCD Larry was bored once or twice as I am with all the new generation “technology/computer generated” movies but overall I enjoyed it very much. We liked this re-do of Star Trek much better than Iron Man 3 – if for no other reason than in all the action scenes there were actual people involved so it did not seem so much like a video game.

The latest, greatest technology and computer enhancements were all on display in Star Trek Into Darkness. However, I thought the title “Into Darkness” was misleading in the sense that we didn’t see a dark side to the movie. In fact, this version of Star Trek emphasized the good side of the Second Generation of Captain Kirk, Spock and Crew and clearly differentiated them from the bad guys. For a simple-minded guy like Uncle Larry I like to know who the good guys and the bad guys are.

If you like Star Trek in general – Action Adventure – Futuristic Scenes – Good Guys and Bad Guys and a Happy Ending I think you will enjoy “Into Darkness.” On the other hand if you have a big screen TV you won’t miss much if you wait for home viewing.

Uncle Larry

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