Trickle Down Entitlements – A Lesson from Juno’s Muscovy Ducks

President Ronald Reagan’s “Trickle Down Economics” resulted in what many describe as the Golden Era of American Economic prosperity.

President Barak Obama’s Trickle Down Entitlements may well result in what will be described by future historians as the change in the work ethic of generations and the tipping point for the inevitable Economic Decline of the American Era.

How do I know this? Once again Nature taught me a lesson today about the “nature” of entitlements. I was doing my usual three lap speed walk around Pelican Lake in Juno Beach this morning loaded with two pockets full of Ritz Crackers and Peanuts. As has been my habit for some time I carry the crackers and give them to the Muscovy Ducks as I move quickly by.

When I reached “our” meeting place today my five favorite Muscovy’s waddled out to the sidewalk to greet me and receive their three or four times a week Ritz handout. All of them usually waddle briskly and breath heavy as they come closer for their treat. Today I noticed the lead Muscovy hesitated and waited for me to walk out of my way off the sidewalk – to slow down the process – and hand him his Ritz cracker. He knows me so well. I don’t have the discipline necessary to insist that he waddle a few steps more or do anything for his entitlement. He knows I’ve given him crackers for a long time and sadly he knows if he sits and waits he’ll get what he wants without doing anything. Does that sound familiar? Have we all grown so weak that we are so easily beset by Muscovy Ducks and our Political Leadership?

Just then – as now for most of this generation of those who wait to be served – I was down cast for a moment. However, just a few yards ahead I saw my two squirrel friends dashing head first down a tall Palm swaying in the warm morning breeze – and running right up to me eagerly and energetically moving around and earning their peanuts – one to eat and one to bury for another day.

I ask you – are there enough squirrels in the generations behind us – or will the Muscovy’s – see picture below – who will eat virtually anything and continually over breed – crowd out the squirrels?

Uncle Larry

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