Lincoln – – Silver Linings Playbook: Two good movies I’m glad we saw – AT HOME

Just when you think you have that old Georgia Cracker Uncle Larry figured out he recommends a historical drama of grand proportions and a younger generation flick about two “crazies.”

Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook have three things in common:

1. Great Acting – I mean really great acting.

Neither Marty or I could remember in our lifetime an actor who has brought to life a historical character of immeasurable proportion more than Daniel Day-Lewis (Lewis) did for Lincoln. About five minutes into the film I completely forgot about Lewis and Pocahontas and thought I was watching Abe Lincoln. Lewis “channeled” Lincoln and brought him forward from the 19th to the 21st Centuries. He started strong and ended stronger. As the film moved through the process of Lincoln’s Presidency and his single-minded passion for ending slavery Lewis physically portrayed the toll it took on Lincoln’s life. The simple, yet halting speech – the slumped shoulders and the slow, almost painful walk of a man who carried the burden of history was nothing short of phenomenal method acting.

In Silver Linings Playbook (SLP) De Niro is excellent as Brad Cooper’s father. Brad Cooper was serviceable but his role could have been played by five other almost first tier young actors. Jennifer Lawrence was outstanding. When we watched the Award shows and she won for “Best Actress” I scratched my head and wondered what that was all about – but had obviously not seen the movie. Her range – the emotions and struggles she brought to life and the “crazy” that Uncle Larry feels in himself was so comfortably expressed through her character.

2. Uncle Larry and Saint Marty liked both films and highly recommend them to you for home viewing. Lincoln is a “must see” film and one I think the generations behind you would benefit from seeing – if they are old enough. SLP hits the mark – no pun intended – just like Jennifer Lawrence did in “The Hunger Games.” This film accomplished its goal of giving its viewers the opportunity to feel that no matter how great the challenge – no matter how messed up our past – there is hope and a “Silver Lining” in every life story. Long live Excelsior!

3. At times both of these films were very slow and lost their rhythm and pace. That’s the upside of waiting for home viewing. You can take a call – get a drink and or go the bathroom – hitting the pause button and giving your inner OCD a chance to unwind and return to your TV in hopes that it will soon pick up – which they do – and you will have an enjoyable evening – which we did.

Now aren’t you glad you waited for home viewing? If you didn’t aren’t you proud to be on the cutting edge of 2012 Cinema?

Uncle Larry

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