Ironman 3 – A Sequel Too Far

How can one hundred million people world-wide be wrong?

While Marty tries to think of a phraseology to describe something “less than terrible” can I ask you a question?

Do you have a favorite restaurant? A place that is like “Cheers” to you where the service is great, the food is excellent and you feel good every time you make a reservation and every time you leave? Try to imagine a nightmare experience where you make a reservation “where everybody knows your name” and you have to wait 45 minutes for your table – your server doesn’t come for 15 minutes and your drinks and appetizers come 20 minutes later. When your entrée finally comes it’s over spiced and cooked so fast and taken from the table so quickly that you hardly know what you ordered?

That my friends is how we felt about Ironman 3! I checked my iPhone for the time at 25 minutes and at 40 minutes I took a potty break and walked around the lobby. At an hour and ten I wanted to leave – as did Marty – but I said Honey we have waited this long and we have to see how this barker ends and what could have attracted so many people to this worn out plot and sub par script.

Do yourself a favor and wait for home delivery where you can take a potty and drink break any time you like without fear of missing anything while the movie runs. Gwyneth looks great! Robert is himself and the bad guys are boring, predictable and bad – sort of like the entire movie experience.

Uncle Larry

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