Django Unchained – Two Thumbs up from Larry and Marty with three provisions!

Marty and I waited for home viewing of Django Unchained and we are glad we waited but we really did enjoy it. It’s hard to put into words how Quentin Tarantino managed to put in so much laughing out loud humor in the midst of a story about slavery and violence/killing.

Now we see why Christopher Waltz (Inglorious Basterds) won the award for best supporting actor. We honestly thought he was the leading actor until we reviewed the credits. Jamie Fox was convincing in his role and the cast of used to be A list – now character actors is long. We enjoyed seeing so many old and familiar faces and trying to remember what their big hits were. It was probably the first check many of them have cashed in awhile.

My three proviso’s are: 1. You can’t be sensitive about the N or F word as they are used in virtually every scene as common gutteral talk. 2. You must enjoy blatant parody for parody’s sake. 3. You have to either be comfortable with what I felt were the most realistic bullet wound scenes I’ve seen since Vietnam or watch it with someone who will tell you its OK to look now.

Overall we really liked the movie and laughed more times than I can count. Like Pulp Fiction it combines parody with an attempt to deal with real life issues and multiple personal stories. I’m glad we waited for home viewing because it is long and we had two refreshment and potty breaks.

Uncle Larry

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