Uncle Larry is having Plastic Surgery – Thursday 3/21

Yes, Uncle Larry is having Plastic Surgery (PS) this Thursday, 3/21. Stop it – I can hear what you are thinking! How could a ruggedly handsome guy like Uncle Larry be improved by PS? From what my surgeon tells me I may be one of the few people who have PS and come out looking worse than before. Is that even possible in my case?

She says I will have a scar above my eyebrow. I told her do you think that with a face like this anyone is going to notice a small scar above my eyebrow? My plan is to make up a great story about how I got the scar. Let me know which theme sounds more plausible to you. I got the scar:

1. Defending Marty’s Honor

2. In a raucous Bible doctrine debate over the Pre-Trib versus Mid-Trib Rapture.

3. Something involved Margaritas

Now that you have three options to choose from why am I doing this anyway? My life long “beady eyes” have become even more covered by my sagging eyelids. I can “feel” my right eyelid laying on the eyeball. At my Internist request I went for a “field vision” test. You have probably had one where you look into the white box and press the clicker when you see a light. The test showed I have lost 50% of my peripheral vision. The good news about failing the test is that Medicare will pay for the procedure.

What does it entail? She will cut the skin above my right eyebrow and lift up my brow – which will pull the lid up off my eyeball. On the left eye she will cut the lid itself and take out some of the tissue – once again pulling the lid up off the eyeball. Hopefully I will be able to see those long drives I am going to start hitting and be able to better read all the putts I have been missing.

Uncle Larry

7 thoughts on “Uncle Larry is having Plastic Surgery – Thursday 3/21

  1. Teresa Coffey

    I’m thinking #1- I like the idea of defending your wife’s honor! ( lovely Marty ) You will be beautiful Larry.

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. My first vote for #1.

      #3 is in the lead so far.


      PS Pastor Tom said to say hello to you and your family. We were playing The Village Course and went by your parents old home.


  2. Lori

    Uncle Larry-
    My husband is considering the same procedure and I was wondering if you would mind sharing how you went about researching it and how any doctors you talked to before deciding which doctor you were going to use. Love following your blog. We are definitely aligned on our restaurant preferences, nothing else compares to PBG. Jay and I met you at Emily’s birthday party at her Mom’s house. Keep on blogging!!!



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