Le Fogata – on Northlake in Lake Park – Keep on Driving

If “Le Fogata” is Spanish for the Italian slang “Fahget about it” then it is correctly named.

For many years Marty and I have driven by “Le Fogata – Fine Mexican Cuisine” on Northlake – and often thought we should stop in and try it because there are so few good Mexican restaurants around.

My advise to you – keep on driving. I’d say more but I have to take two Tums washed down with an Alka-Seltzer before the revulsion of the food products leaves me worshiping at the porcelain altar.

Uncle Larry

One thought on “Le Fogata – on Northlake in Lake Park – Keep on Driving

  1. Doug

    Generally Jane and I tend to like movies the critics rate low. And in this case we like a restaurant the critic dislikes. Went there often when we lived in the Gardens. I always got the chimichanga ala carte. Jane generally got a taco salad. Umm – good chips. Agua was awesome. There you have. From a genuine food non-connoisseur.


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