HMF – A Grand Hotel Bar and Tapas Dining worthy of The Breakers

HMF – Great fun and adventurous libations and food for a night out with someone special or a lively party of fifteen in a setting that will never tire your eyes.

The Breakers in Palm Beach is not only one of the Grandest Hotel properties in the world it is also blessed with a Family ownership group that no matter the economic climate is committed to investing millions of dollars each year to keep this Grand Old Lady looking like a sophisticated model from the pages of Vogue.

This year’s most obvious improvement is the HMF – a 6,500 square feet Grand Hotel Bar with Tapas Dining which blends the historical features of the Breakers north wing with a colorful and tasteful modern decor. HMF is the Breaker’s family nod to its founder Henry Morrison Flagler and features a throw back look with: Beautiful women in black, specialty drinks from the period and the sixties – a full wine list – popular and “craft” beers – an open Sushi Bar with a myriad of fresh Sushi and Sashimi – forty tapas food items ranging from apps and salads to pizza and pasta to “The Food Truck” and of course five desserts.

Within just weeks of opening HMF has become the “it” place to visit on Palm Beach. As is always the case the Breaker’s family welcomes “locals” like Marty and I who come to enjoy this Grand property and sleep at home. Even valet parking is complimentary when the restaurant validates your life – OK maybe not your life – just your parking stub.

For those of you who have been to The Breakers you may wonder where HMF is located. Turn left in the main lobby and right into the north wing which used to be the Tapestry Bar and Le’ escalier. Seven million dollars ($7,000,000) later this large open space has been carefully designed to give you the feeling of a grand open bar with generous space and yet the table setting we had for a party of five gave us a feeling of intimacy where we could have our own party and actually hear each everyone’s conversation.

With my cold we invited three of our “dining friends” to join us and sample as many tasty treats as we could hold. All five of us give HMF our highest marks for ambiance, fun, good drinks and Larry Marty and Friendsadventuresome food options. These are the items we particularly enjoyed. There were many we didn’t get to try and you will find many different and unique food choices for your personal taste.

Drinks: Personally I like to taste the alcohol. However, we did find three specialty cocktails that we really enjoyed – The Redhead – Mojito Royale and for openers the Frescavescent. Note – the Drink recommendations come only from Uncle Larry and Saint Marty as our three Dining Friends don’t drink alcohol.

Apps: Warm Onion and Reggiano Dip and HMF’s House Made Fingerling Chips.

Pasta: Orecchiete, Tuscan Duck Sausage and Wild Mushrooms.

The Food Wagon: Wagyu Beef Sliders – Korean Short Ribs – Duck Bao Buns – Shitake Potstickers.

Desserts: Warm Vanilla Bean Tapioca – Gianjinja Chocolate Torte.

Uncle Larry Rates HMF: Drinks 7 – Food 7.5  – Service 9 – Ambiance 10

The Breakers new HMF is a must see place for adventurous diners who enjoy and good time and want to see what seven million dollars can do in a Grand Space.  It is particularly well suited for going with a group of friends for a unique evening. However, HMF is not a traditional restaurant. It’s not meant for a two or four top that are looking for a conventional salad, entrée and out the door. Besides, some people don’t like to look at beautiful women while being served their drinks, food and desserts.

Uncle Larry

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