James Bond – Skyfall – Like the Bible this film needs no review

My recommendation is that you stop reading this review now – check your calendar for when you can see James Bond – Skyfall ASAP. Skyfall is the most impressionable movie we have seen since Avatar in December of 2009.

You can’t be late because Skyfall doesn’t start with credits. It goes right to an exciting action sequence – which is followed by a plot twist – Adele’s fabulous sound track – moves back to action and then when I anticipated the normal mid-movie plot development and boredom there was none. The statistics say it’s 2.5 hours but to me it seemed like an hour and twenty minutes – it just flew by with absolutely no down time.

Skyfall may not be the best Bond movie ever but taken as a whole – factoring in script/plot, acting, good guys versus bad guys, action and technology and ending it is the best I can remember. It started strong – was fast paced in the middle and ended strong with a big surprise and clever ending.

DO NOT – I repeat DO NOT wait for rental for Skyfall. We plan to buy the DVD when it comes out but you will miss so much if you wait for the small screen.

Uncle Larry and Saint Marty

PS If you have time before you see Skyfall go to iTunes and download Adele’s Skyfall single. We have been listening to it for about a month and some of the lyrics didn’t make sense. Once you’ve seen the move you’ll know they gave her the script before she wrote the song.

2 thoughts on “James Bond – Skyfall – Like the Bible this film needs no review

  1. Becky from Boston

    Skyfall was fantastic! People clapped at the end of the movie at the theater that I watched it. So worth seeing in the theater.


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