Argo – A split vote: Saint Marty B+ Uncle Larry C-

If you are the kind of person who watches the History Channel – yet doesn’t mind when the director takes liberty with the facts for the sake of drama – is patient and enjoys lots of dialogue working out every little detail – believes excellent acting alone can save a movie – isn’t irritated by unnecessary tension filled suspense and can wait an hour and forty minutes for a good ending then you’ll like Argo.

Uncle Larry isn’t one of those kind of people. Watching Argo required a bathroom break and large diet soda to keep me awake for the first forty-five minutes. Personally I recommend you wait for home viewing.

On a side note if you enjoy watching a President lie through his teeth and take credit for something he had almost nothing to do with – No, I’m not talking about President Obama and Bin Laden – stick around after the credits and see Jimmy Carter tell you how he pulled it all off but couldn’t tell anyone at the time. Sickening.

Uncle Larry

2 thoughts on “Argo – A split vote: Saint Marty B+ Uncle Larry C-

  1. Don Bray

    Thanks Larry, you save Joy and me time and money with your reviews. When we haven’t listened we realized we should have. With my new role I miss seeing you at church but you and your family are often in our prayers. Don

  2. Dolores from Chicago via a RED State

    Bob and I went with another couple to see this movie while on vacation in Scottsdale. We like the History channel and history BUT……. this movie brought back alot of unpleasant and upsetting memories for me. At the end of the movie when they had Jimmey Carter relating his views and opinions, I could have easily flipped out! Then when he said “WE brought them home safely” refering to the hostages held in the American Embassy, I could not help myself and blurted out “Liar”. When leaving I was stopped by a young couple from Mexico who wanted to know why I said what I did. We had a long and interesting conversation with them, they were very well educated, very interested in the history of America and were avid fans of the History channel. So at least I got something out of the evening, as I was ready to adopt this young couple.

    The movie – well, who wants to see our history rewritten to fit the liberal points of view. Had they left off the comments from Jimmy Carter, I would have only been depressed for the sad times we went through as opposed to being angry for the lies being told by an Ex-President.


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