Insights from the Muslim Protestors in Australia

You may have seen there is now a protest against the American Embassy in Australia. The Australian Government has our back and things are under control.

However, this is the most intriguing part to me – the signs of the protestors say:

“Obama, Obama, we like Osama.”
“Behead all those who insult the Prophet.”

What is the source of this information – headlines and pictures on CNN. Not Fox but CNN.

My perception, therefore my reality, is that these Radical Extremists Muslims hate America but they like our President. Why? Because they think he is one of them. If Radical Muslim’s believe Obama is one of them what are you and I to make of that?

I recently received an e-mail from a very well-respected conservative Christian Theologian – who is an acknowledged Biblical Scholar in Eschatology – the study of “the end times.” He believes that Obama will be re-elected and at some point in the first year of his second and last term Obama will announce that he has had a “spiritual reawakening” and is returning to his true spiritual roots – Islam.

Neither my Theologian friend nor I are pretending to be Prophets. But if our enemies – who are protesting and hate America – yet like our President – what insight does that give you and me?

Uncle Larry

5 thoughts on “Insights from the Muslim Protestors in Australia

  1. I agree with your theologian friend that a second term would have Obama come out as a Muslim. I believe he’s always been a Muslim and I think his statement to Dmitry Medvedev, that he would have more flexibility in a second term said multitudes. IF he wins a second term he will either steal it with Chicago style corruption or he’s made so many “american’s” financially dependent on the government that they will be the majority. My concern is that there is so much evil in this world that the goodness of a moral like Romney scares those people. What we’ve lost is our Judeo-Christian values and people do not believe in God and that is a BIG mistake.


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