Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

In our spare moments I imagine most of us are watching the news on TV or the internet to stay abreast of the raging fire of Radical Religious Fanaticism that is sweeping North Africa and the Middle East – what some are calling the Arab Fall.

Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen and by the time you read this who knows how many more of these Third World Nations will be attacking our embassies, our people, businesses and anything “American.”

I’ve heard it said that the motives and responses to the attacks in each country are different. In Libya for example – which we just helped free from Gaddafi – the Libyan Government is supposedly on our side and its just a few Radical Islamic Fundamentalist who planned and led the attack. In Egypt – which we just helped overthrow Mubarak – its the local Muslim Clerics and the Muslim Brotherhood that are stirring up the people in outrage about a YouTube video and on and on and on.

The details in each Nation may or may not be similar but there is one thing each and every one of these Nations have in common: Islam. All of these nations are predominantly Muslim – that my friend is the common thread at the root of this EVIL.

Before we can solve a problem, measure the cost of solving the problem or even know if its solvable we must understand the problem. My perception therefore my reality is that the Radical Islamic Fundamental cat is out of the bag and there’s no way to put it back without getting a lot of scratches and probably a few bites as well. Is the cat really worth it?

Take Libya for example. Let’s be conservative and trust the Libyan Government (yeah right) and assume it’s just a small minority of Radical Islamic Fundamentalist – say 2% of the population – who are involved in this violence. Let’s further hypothesize that another 8% of the population fully support the 2% and that there is another 10% of the Libyan population who are unhappy with life and are very sympathetic with both the 2% and 8%. If my math is right we are now up to around 20% of the Libyan population that has an axe to grind against their lot in life, Christianity and anything American.

If history has taught us anything it’s that the majority in Libya – or any Muslim Nation –  the 80% – are not the dog that wags the tail. The 20% are by definition “radical” and the 80% of the general secular Muslims never stand up to the radical minority. Until, and if we or someone far smarter than Uncle Larry can figure out what the 20% want how can we continue to labor on as we have in the past? A radically new mindset for United States Foreign Policy is needed.

Without further study by any House Oversight Committee my guess is that the goals of the 20% are not at all compatible with ours. If this is the case then this is what I suggest:

1. We stop giving any and all of these alphabet of Muslim Nations any money, food or any other kind of help.

2. We use the money saved from Step 1 above to strengthen our Military. I don’t simply mean make it bigger. I mean make it a more efficient killing machine – through technology and what ever else is needed – say limited nuclear weapons that only kill the living but not their infrastructure – so that when we decide to use the STICK we can do so with minimal risk to our personnel. As our friends in Israel have known for centuries the only thing Muslims and Arabs understand and respect is THE STICK.

3. We find a President that is not a Muslim sympathizer and apologist and get one who will build an even stronger bond with Israel – our only friend and “ally” in the Middle East.

Well there it is – the latest from “The Mind of Uncle Larry.” Were you thinking what I am thinking?

3 thoughts on “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

  1. Bill Murphy

    Larry Great article in todays Wall Street Journal Page A13 discusses Muslim history and what has changed. “For example,the 57 member states of the Organization of islamic Conference account for one fifth of the worlds population but their combined gross domestic product is less than 7% of global output-a harsh realityfor which Islamists offer no solution but to blame us and the west”

  2. Were you surprised to hear the State Department said the US financial support to Egypt is not in any danger and that we will continue to support them? How disgusting? Uncle larry


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