What is Al Gore up to these days?

Have you been concerned about what Al Gore is doing these days? Fear not – I have found him. He is now in charge of determining the “Drought Index” and “Water Shortage” for NOAA and The South Florida Water Management District.

If you live in South Florida or you have been watching any TV News you know Tropical Storm Isaac has been dumping large amounts of water on us for three days solid. The local Weather people tell us we have had six to eight inches of rain daily everywhere and more further south. Our son Tony tells me the week before Isaac South Florida received our usual big afternoon thunderstorms. Hint – we have plenty of water down here. Don’t send us any more and please do not pray for rain for us.

While watching the Weather Channel this morning I couldn’t help but notice the National Weather Service – an arm of your Federal Government – released their “updated” Drought Index for South Florida and guess what it shows – South Florida is in an “above average drought.”

Thinking that could be a mistake I went to the South Florida Water Management District website and they report “a severe shortage of water in South Florida.”

Not since I had Prostate Cancer and had to start wearing a pad has there been a greater concentration of liquids than what we just had and are forecast to continue getting for the next few days.

What can we reasonably conclude from these findings? Al Gore has been appointed Zsar of NOAA by Premier Obama.

Uncle Larry

PS If, unfortunately, Isaac hits New Orleans as a “hurricane” and there is flooding in a town that was built below sea level – I can’t wait to hear how Premier Obama is going to blame the flooding on George Bush.

3 thoughts on “What is Al Gore up to these days?

  1. rfking

    YOU FRIGGING RACIST repugnuts read repubicanS; OBAMA HAS RUN A TIGHTER SHIP THAN ANY MODERN PRESIDENT, AND YOU INSINUATE, THAT HE IS A COMMUNIST, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE US DO GO BACK TO JIM CROW AND McCarthyism ? my girl friend has been trying to get a job….. anything for four years… when are you stupid repugnants going to wake up and join the 21th century?????????????????????????


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