Lance Armstrong and the USADA – who are they anyway?

I know who Lance Armstrong is. He won a few bicycle races around the world and several in the land of Champagne and all other things manly. More importantly to me as a two-time cancer survivor Lance Armstrong has brought greater awareness to what I call the dark plague – cancer. In addition to all the attention Mr. Armstrong has brought to the battle against cancer his Foundation has given hundreds of millions to fund research and to help individuals – especially children – who have not been as fortunate as Uncle Larry.

Do you know who the USADA is? I thought they must surely be one of the myriad of Federal Agencies that run through our tax dollars annually. If not that, then perhaps they are a creation of Premier Obama – who with the stroke of his executive pen created this “Agency” and placed a left leaning California Democrat – are there any other kind – as its head. I was actually hoping this was the case so I could go on another rant about our Premier – which I may do anyway.

Sadly – the USADA is not in any way affiliated with the Federal or any State Government. The USADA is very similar to the USDULF. Surely you know the USDULF – United States Donates to Uncle Larry’s Foundation. If, by the way you have not made your annual contribution to the USDULF now would be a good time to do so. We are accepting donations over $100 at this website – on my Facebook page and coming soon to a street corner near you.

According to their own website the USADA is “a non-profit, non governmental agency.”

Wikipedia says: “The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization and the self-proclaimed national anti-doping organization (NADO) for the United States.” Sort of the way I “self-proclaimed” the USDULF as an agency you should be donating to.

However, it’s not to worry because our friends at the United Nations – via that great American Friend UNESCO – has officially recognized USADA. – and we all know how solid and dependable UNESCO is.

Wikipedia has a section on USADA Corrupt Practices:

US District Court Judge Sam Sparks has stated that the USADA pursues investigations into sports figures “… acting according to less noble motives.” One of those victims is Lance Armstrong, seven-time champion of the Tour de France. Although retired from the sport with a history of hundreds of passed drug tests, Armstrong has been pursued by the USADA. Armstrong is now subject to an investigation by the USADA lacking due process where the USADA refuses to disclose the names of Armstrong’s accusers and hides from accountability in federal court. The USADA has insisted that Armstrong participate in an arbitration process created and run exclusively by the USADA. Armstrong has refused to participate in the USADA process stating, “If I thought for one moment that by participating in USADA’s process, I could confront these allegations in a fair setting and — once and for all — put these charges to rest, I would jump at the chance,” Armstrong said. “But I refuse to participate in a process that is so one-sided and unfair.” By contrast, United States Attorney AndrDe Birotte Jr. announced in a press release that his office “is closing an investigation into allegations of federal criminal conduct by members and associates of a professional bicycle racing team owned in part by Lance Armstrong.”

Well there it is friends. On the one hand we have Lance Armstrong – who has been an advocate for cancer victims and raised hundreds of millions for cancer research.

On the other hand we have the USADA who has been endorsed by UNESCO.

It all seems pretty clear to me. When the final day ends and all the works of our lives will be weighed on the Eternal Scale of Justice I’m convinced that the good works of Mr. Armstrong will far outweigh his short comings and the combined good works of the USADA – who ever they are!

Uncle Larry

PS If you want to support the spirit of Lance’s work you are welcome to join me in making a contribution to his Cancer Foundation at: – Either that or you can send $100 to USDULF!

3 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong and the USADA – who are they anyway?

  1. Jim Duewel

    Uncle Larry, this situation has really given me pause. I am really mixed as how to react to Lance Armstrong and his lying in this long term situation. I’ve always looked up to him for all the things you have just detailed. However, sin is sin and I’ve not as yet heard anything close to an apology. If at least 15 riders have come forward to testify against him, I believe the weight of measure is against him. Finally, what am I to do with all the tapes I’ve made following his Tour wins. Toss them or hang onto them for posterity. A very confused Jim Duewel.

    1. Jim – my almost life long friend. I’m hoping the blood of Christ can cover Lance’s sin – including doping if he’s guilty – because I’ve done worse. Larry


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