Total Recall C+ Too much of one thing!

Is there really any such thing as too much of a good thing? Too much love, peace, happiness, chocolate, low golf scores, great sex with someone you love and or action in an action movie?

Total Recall is dark. I don’t mean moody – I mean actually dark. Somebody should have turned the lights up. More importantly it is a continuous series of non stop action and escape scenes sprinkled in with close quarter fight scenes and killing that eventually just simply numbed me to the movie. Early on the two “good” characters are easily discerned and they escaped death against impossible odds and circumstance so many times it just didn’t matter any more – and it telegraphed the ending.

Marty gave Total Recall a C- and I raised it to C+ because we both agree the actors did an excellent job – especially considering 90% of what you see on the screen – other than the actors is computer generated. Collin Farrell was physically amazing in the lead and Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Beal both sold their roles and what guy doesn’t like to see two hot brunettes in leather beat up on each other?

If you live for constant action and are an adrenaline junkie don’t miss this one. Otherwise Total Recall is a wait for DVD for Saint Marty and

Uncle Larry

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