There are no Robin Hoods in Nature!

Life lessons I learn from walking Pelican Lake in Juno Beach.

I don’t need to tell you its been hot this summer. Fortunately for us it’s been “average” in South Florida this year. The Weather Channel website shows the average daily summer Highs and Lows in Juno Beach are:

June – 89/74     July 90/76      August 90/76      September 88/75

For the people and wildlife in our area it’s not suffocatingly hot but it never really cools off for four months. The breeze off the ocean helps but nothing beats AC. Walking and sweating around Pelican lake I observe the wildlife activity slows down in the summer. The squirrels and other wildlife that want to eat have to work harder and in more difficult conditions to eat well. Sure, they can get by with the same amount of effort they put in during the cooler Florida winters. However, to find the good stuff and the luxuries like peanuts the squirrels have to work harder, smarter and longer hours.

There are no Robin Hood squirrels who work hard in the sun and give their bounty to the squirrels in the next tree – unless its their own family. All of Nature teaches us that the bounty goes to those who work for it.

Of all God’s creations the only one that believes its OK to lay back and put in minimal effort yet expect someone else to provide you with the bounty of life is Man – male and female alike. I wonder if it’s always been that way – Man’s thinking being out of sync with the balance of nature?

Uncle Larry

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