Batman The Dark Knight Rises – To the top of all three Chris Nolan Batman Movies – Uncle Larry A, Marty A+, Tony A

Batman The Dark Knight Rises was so much better and more complex than I expected. All the leading actors did a great job – and like life none of the actors portrays a character that is all good or all bad. All three of the Stephens family highly recommend you see the last Chris Nolan Batman film on the big screen.

At two hours and thirty-five minutes I never thought I could sit through any movie without at least one anxiety/potty break. This is Uncle Larry’s highest recommendation – not once was I bored in 2:35.

Chris Nolan’s final of his three Batman film’s could have easily been two movies. I won’t spoil it by giving away the details but there was a first movie – a transition – and a second movie. If this were an HBO presentation it would have been two films – the first of which had a “cliff hanger” ending. Batman started strong – slowed a little as it transitioned and finished strong and very fast with at least one “surprise” and a great ending.

The Stephens Family all felt that Christopher Bale,Tom Hardy (Bane), Anne Hathaway (Catwoman) , Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard (love interest) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt all did outstanding work. This was by far Christopher Bale’s most “touchable” Batman. Tom Hardy was “bad” as Bane. Anne Hathaway was by far the most believable and complex Catwoman and some of Michael Caine’s scenes are the best of his Batman contributions.

I could go on about the other actors and the plot but I’ll stop here and simply say if you like action adventure movies and or Batman in particular you need to see Batman the Dark Knight Rises in the theatre.

For parents there was no sexual innuendo at all and the violence was mostly fist fighting and no blood that we can remember. The movie was not nearly as dark or foreboding as some writers have opined.

Uncle Larry

One thought on “Batman The Dark Knight Rises – To the top of all three Chris Nolan Batman Movies – Uncle Larry A, Marty A+, Tony A

  1. Anita Strauss

    Uncle Larry, the more I learn of your service to our nation, the more impressed I have become with what you have accomplished as a persom after returning from a very difficult mission on foreign soil.
    I pray that your remaining days bring you great comfort and joy in knowing that others do care and still care about the sacrifices you made for all of us who were home safe in our beds in the USA. Your comments always humble me and cause me to realize that I have no worries….all is well and has always been well….thanks to you and those men and women like you


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