Walking Pelican Lake today with NO PEANUTS in my pocket I can now empathize with President Obama

I got up early today and headed out for my 3.1 mile walk around Pelican Lake in Juno Beach. Most mornings I make this walk three times around the lake and always carry two full pockets of peanuts. Each morning the squirrels and Muskogee Ducks will come out to the sidewalk to greet me and wait for their morning peanut. Some are content with one peanut while some will chase me a few yards and beg for a second one.

Today I forgot and left our Condo with no peanuts and now I can understand how President Obama feels. If I felt it were my duty and obligation to provide way above average food for my base – squirrels and Muskogee Ducks – and one day there wasn’t enough excess in our home for me to feed my squirrels and Muskogee’s I would be sad and would be looking to get the peanuts from some of my neighbors.

Sure, God can provide through the grass and nuts that fall from the trees for my squirrels and Muskogee’s to live – but I feel they need more than the bare minimum – and if necessary I would knock on my neighbors doors and ask them for some of their food so that I can keep my base happy and full.

Some of my neighbors might decide on their own to feed the squirrels, Muskogee’s and other wildlife but that isn’t enough for me. I have to do it myself. I have to get the credit and the feeling of satisfaction from taking care of my base. It sort of makes me feel like the King of Pelican Lake when I feed my base – no matter where I get the peanuts from. Heck, even if God is providing grass and acorns it just makes me feel better to give them more than they used to get and for me to get the credit. After all, who is more special than me?

However, I did have one concern this morning. When the more aggressive squirrels and Muskogee’s came to the side-walk and I walked right by them with no peanut they were upset. They wanted their above average food intake – the kind the wealthy neighbors have to work to have. Several squirrels chased me for a few yards down the sidewalk demanding that I give it to them. Damn those neighbors for not coming out their doors and just giving me more peanuts. I don’t care if they have to charge them on their personal credit cards. Most of them have businesses that I helped them start. They have plenty of money. For crying out loud if they can afford to live in Juno Beach they can pay their credit cards off long after I’m gone – because today I want to be the King of Pelican Lake.

President Uncle Larry

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